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Dr. Kevin Sadati has been recognized as one of the top facelift surgeons in California by the Los Angeles Times in 2023

Deep plane facelift by Dr. Kevin Sadati

Beautiful facial transformation and natural looking results

Best Deep Plane Facelift in USA

NEWPORT BEACH, CA - Dr. Kevin Sadati has earned yet another prestigious accolade in his illustrious career as a renowned facial plastic surgeon.

I am honored to be recognized by the Los Angeles Times for my innovative deep plane facelift technique.”
— My facial rejuvenation brings youth and refreshment to individuals faces

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2023 / -- The Los Angeles Times has nominated Dr. Sadati as one of the best facelift surgeons in southern California, solidifying his status as a leader in his field. Dr. Sadati specializes in the Deep Plane Facelift technique, a revolutionary approach to facial rejuvenation. Unlike traditional facelift procedures, which often require general anesthesia and have longer recovery times, Dr. Sadati's Preservation Deep Plane Facelift is performed under twilight sedation, eliminating the need for general anesthesia.

Dr. Sadati's innovative approach to the Deep Plane Facelift technique has gained attention not only for its remarkable results but also for its minimally invasive nature. This type of facelift focused on repositioning of deep SMAS and facial fat compartments, allowing for a natural and youthful appearance. Dr. Sadati's expertise and dedication to providing natural looking results have made him a sought-after surgeon by patients from all over the world.

In addition to the physical benefits of the Deep Plane Facelift, his preservation facelift technique has also been associated with reduced recovery time and minimized post-operative discomfort. Dr. Sadati's dedication to incorporating advanced surgical techniques and equipment in his practice provides patients with natural transformative results while prioritizing safety and comfort. Dr. Sadati's achievements extend far beyond his recognition by the Los Angeles Times. His career spans over 5000 successful facelift procedures, with patients traveling from all over the world to seek his expertise at his state-of-the art facility in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Sadati's reputation as a facelift specialist has garnered attention from both patients and peers alike.

Dr. Sadati has been invited to present his advanced facelift techniques at national plastic surgery conferences, drawing the attention of surgeons from around the globe who are eager to learn from his expertise. His deep understanding of the anatomy of the face and skillful execution of the Deep Plane Facelift technique have solidified his reputation as one of the most sought-after facelift surgeons in the world. Dr. Sadati's expertise in the Deep Plane Facelift technique has redefined the standard for achieving natural and long-lasting results. The deep plane facelift's ability to reposition the malar fat pad and release retaining ligaments of the face has shown a distinct advantage in providing a more youthful and natural appearance. This advanced technique not only addresses surface-level concerns but also targets the structural changes within the facial anatomy, resulting in comprehensive and transformative outcomes.

Moreover, Dr. Sadati's commitment to patient safety and comfort is evident in his approach to the Deep Plane Facelift. By minimizing post-operative discomfort and reducing recovery time. His dedication to patient well-being, coupled with his exceptional skill and knowledge of facial anatomy, has made Dr. Sadati a true pioneer in the field of facelift surgery. As an authority in the realm of facial plastic surgery, Dr. Sadati continues to inspire both patients and fellow surgeons with his cutting-edge techniques and remarkable results. His legacy as a leader in the field of facelift surgery is not only defined by accolades and recognition but also by the countless individuals whose lives have been positively transformed through his pioneering work.

Dr. Sadati's pioneering work in the field of facelift surgery extends to his meticulous approach to the Deep Plane Facelift technique. This revolutionary method not only addresses the superficial layers of the skin but also focuses on the intricate restructuring of the facial anatomy, ensuring comprehensive and transformative outcomes for his patients. By repositioning the malar fat pad and releasing the retaining ligaments of the face, Dr. Sadati's technique achieves a natural and youthful appearance that goes beyond traditional facelift procedures.

Dr. Sadati's tireless dedication to advancing the field of facelift surgery has not only garnered him recognition from esteemed publications but has also revolutionized the concept of natural and long-lasting results. His innovative techniques and deep understanding of facial anatomy have solidified his status as a true pioneer in the world of facelift surgery, inspiring both patients and fellow surgeons with his exceptional skill and dedication to excellence. Dr. Sadati's contributions to the field of plastic surgery extend far beyond his exceptional surgical skill. He is known for his willingness to educate and share his knowledge with the global surgical community. He has been invited as a keynote speaker and presenter at numerous international plastic surgery conferences, where he has shared his expertise on the Preservation Deep Plane Facelift and its transformative effects on facial rejuvenation.

As a testament to his expertise and impact, surgeons from around the world travel to observe Dr. Sadati's techniques firsthand. His state-of-the-art facility in Newport Beach, California serves as a hub for those seeking facial rejuvenation surgery. Patients from all corners of the globe trust Dr. Sadati for their facial rejuvenation needs, confident in his ability to deliver natural-looking results with an unmatched level of precision and artistry. Dr. Kevin Sadati's recognition as one of the best facelift surgeons in southern California by the Los Angeles Times in 2023 solidifies his reputation as a leader in the field of facelift surgery.

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