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Before and After

Before and After

Before, after three days and 3-4 weeks later

Los Angeles Surgeon Gabriel Goren, MD says 'RejuvaHands™' the ONLY enduring solution for seniority associated unsightly looking bulging hand veins.

Müller’s 1966 AP (Ambulatory Phlebectomy) procedure did not gain popularity in the US until the American surgeon, Gabriel Goren published his findings in 1991 in the Am J Journal of Surg.”
— The Vein Book 2007: Principles of AP. J. Almeida & J. Baines, page 247.
ENCINO, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 13, 2018 / -- Encino, CA – “Women take great care of their faces, employing everything from facials to Botox or plastic surgery to look more attractive and feel good about themselves. However, what happens when unsightly looking hand veins make a woman feel a degree of age vulnerability?” asks the vascular surgeon, Dr. Gabriel Goren.

“RejuvaHands™ is a minimally invasive procedure that permanently eliminates prominent unsightly veins in the hands. Indeed, seniority is unavoidable, showing it, however, is optional," says Dr. Goren.

"Many women try injectable fillers to ‘hide’ the abnormal looking hand veins. However, these treatments will need to be repeated at usually 8-10 months interval to maintain the appearance, making the procedure significantly expensive.”
“I have personally seen patients treated with own fat tissue transfer. Indeed, veins were maybe less visible, but the hands, as with artificial fills, appeared abnormally puffy, as after a recently sustained injury,” remarks Dr. Goren.

To address these concerns, Dr. Goren developed the RejuvaHands™ treatment by adapting and modifying the European minimally invasive technique the 'Ambulatory Phlebectomy' (AP) for leg varicosities procedure he started performing in his office 29 years ago, in 1989 after visiting Europe where it was already an accepted procedure,

Dr. Goren's article on the subject (with Professor Dr, Albert Yellin, - at the time - Head Division of Vascular Surgery, University of Southern California, Los Angeles) was published in the prestigious peer-reviewed Am. Journal of Surgery vol. 162, pages 166-174, in 1991 and the paper represents the first publication on AP method in the American Surgical literature.

“The AP technique, introduced by the late Dr. Robert Müller (of Neuchatel - Switzerland) a dermatologist, permanently removes bulging veins, where ever they are dwelled using specially designed delicate hooks named after him."

In 1995, after he used the AP procedure to remove a patient's leg varicosities, Dr. Goren was challenged by the patient to do the same for her unsightly looking hand veins she so much detested.
A previous facelift shaved years from her chronological age; however, her unattractive hand veins kept sabotaging her cosmetic gains.
Representing an uncharted territory, Dr. Goren gave in to the patient's demand but did only one hand, the non-dominant left.
As anticipated, all went well, and the results were exceptional as expected. Weeks later she had her right hand done too.

"Ever since two hands unwanted veins are removed in a single session, a two-hour procedure (can be less, can be more), through tiny (2-3mm) skin entry points that do not require stitches and when healed will leave no marks or scars behind. And continuing in the same breath, "The method is performed in an office setting and under strictly local anesthesia. Patients who have opted not to receive a mild tranquilizer can drive themselves away. No downtime is required except avoiding direct water contact for 2-3 additional days," elaborates Dr. Goren."

"Another option is injections sclerotherapy. However, the required multiple sessions, the less than desired immediate and late results, the high failure and high recurrence rates are obviously major red flags for a patient to consider." And continuing,
"Moreover, the occasional dark pigmentation and the possible blood clots, superficial but especially deep vein clots, such as the described dangerous axillary vein thrombosis, in my humble opinion, makes sclerotherapy a much inferior option," reasoned Dr. Goren.

After close to 500 ' RejuvaHands™' procedures performed for this annoying cosmetic vulnerability (in addition to 4000 leg vein procedures), his experience is not easy to surpass.
“Therefore, for ALL the above-enumerated reasons, I believe that the 'RejuvaHands™' procedure, an offshoot of Müller’s Ambulatory Phlebectomy is THE best of option for hands unattractive looking bulging veins by uniquely offering permanent and aesthetically excellent results,” states Dr. Goren ending with,
"I had one single recurrence in close to my 500 ' RejuvaHands™ procedures in a patient who was and remained a heavy, weightlifter for life, a sport that should be a definite contraindication regardless of the contemplated method.

Dr. Goren opened the Vein Disorders Center in 1984 and uses the same address, 16311 Ventura Blvd Encino, CA. 91436 since 1986.


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Vein Disorders Center
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The RejuvaHands™' procedure performed on patient of mine over 10 year ago.. Not one vein has reoccured!

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