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PARENTS’ DREAMS ARE STUCK IN REALITY …. but they want to dream about unicorns and wizards just like their children!

…. but deep down they want to dream about unicorns, superheroes and wizards
just like their children!

● New study reveals parents want to dream about fantasy and magical worlds as much as their kids
● 65% of kids believe their parents’ dreams are boring
● 75% of kids think mum and dad dream more about money and worries
● 92% of kids consider their dreams to be more imaginative than those of adults
● 9 in 10 kids claim that their dreams make them happy and excited the next day
● Findings also highlight what kids most like dreaming about, and why good shut-eye is vital for their development and wellbeing

LONDON - New research released today from sleep app for kids - Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories - pulls back the bed covers on the nation’s dreaming habits. Revealing parents long to escape from reality and dream about unicorns, superheroes and wizards as much as their children.

The nationwide study examining the imaginations and dream habits of parents and their little monsters, reveals that adults are really just big kids at heart - wanting to relive the wonders of childhood imagination.

When asked what dream they most wished to have, both kids and parents confessed they wanted to ‘ride a flying unicorn’ (15% of adults / 17% of kids), ‘save the world with magical superpowers’ (13% of adults / 14% of kids) and heart-warmingly, ‘for everyone in the world to be happy’ (23% of adults / 15% of kids).

In contrast to the fantastical dreams that parents wish for, their kids think adults dream about reality, such as money (29%), family (22%) and work (15%). What’s more, two thirds (65%) of children brand their parents’ dreams as boring, with 92% of kids believing they have a better imagination than adults, leading to better dreams.

Leading Sleep Expert and physiologist Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, comments on the study, “Children have an amazing capacity to imagine and daydream and it’s important that they have the time and space to do so especially at bedtime. When children dream and imagine, their brain is given the chance to reorganise and consolidate the information of the day. A process that is vital for brain development and learning.”

This insight is backed by the survey which found that 90% of youngsters feel happy and excited for the next day when they have had an imaginative dream. However, it is not just kids that benefit from a good night’s sleep full of dreams, as Dr Nerina explains: “Adults need to allow themselves to daydream and allow their imagination free reign too; it is vital for creativity, problem solving and memory consolidation. But these days, with relentless demands and overflowing inboxes, we find ourselves with so little time to go ‘offline’. Children place more importance and find it easier to let their imagination roam free, we could all learn and benefit from this as adults.”

Moshi Monsters creators Mind Candy commissioned the study to celebrate its sleep app ‘Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories’, a bedtime aid for kids featuring enchanting and tuneful audio tales that help children drift off and enjoy a good night’s sleep, set in the world of much-loved world of Moshi.

They spoke to kids directly about what they dream about, what they think adults dream about and why they have better dreams -

Other popular wacky and wonderful dreams revealed by the little ones included the revelation that 1 in 5 wanted to live in another world or universe, such as space or in the sea with mermaids and dolphins.

20% would love to experience some form of flying in their dreams, such as piloting an aeroplane made of marshmallows or riding a unicorn. Whilst 15% would love to have a super power, such as being a super-wizard or president of the universe.

Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories supports the creation of a good night's sleep, focusing on that final ‘light’s out’ moment, after the bedtime story has been read. These charming stories feature dreamy melodies and calming narration, with guided relaxations and soothing sounds. Use of the audio app supports the regular bedtime routine and helps to lull kids into a peaceful sleep.

Dr Nerina, continues, “Technology has become deeply ingrained in our daily lives and, if used in a positive and mindful way, it can enhance our lives and way of living. The Moshi Twilight app can help to settle children and create a greater sense of peace and inner safety when used as part of a regular bedtime routine, especially with its use of audio stories without the need for children to look at a screen”.

Since its launch on mobile and tablet, Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories has been a big hit with kids and adults, with 73% [1] of families using the app saying their kids drifted off to sleep faster, on average 20 minutes a night faster than their usual bedtime routine.

Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories is a free app on mobile and tablet which can be expanded with a subscription package offering access to an extended library of stories, relaxations and soundscapes - with new content added every week. The app has been developed in partnership with leading wellbeing and mindfulness app Calm, recently named as Apple’s App of The Year 2017.

Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories is available to download on the Apple App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android and the Amazon Appstore for Fire OS.

Moshi Twilight has also recently launched as a leading service for families on Amazon Alexa, with the Moshi Twilight skill offering over an hour of content, activated by parents with the simple command “Alexa, ask Moshi Twilight to play a Sleep Story” once they have activated all kids skills in the Alexa app.


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